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Safety Links
  6 Minutes For Safety
  10 Standard Fire Orders & 18 Watchout Situations
  LCES - Lookouts, Communications, Escape Routes, Safety Zones
  Safety Alerts (click here to access NWCG posted Safety Alerts)
  Hazard Trees: A Safety Initiative - "Up the Ante"
  Wildfire Oil and Gas Safety
Safety Reporting
  SAFECOM: Aviation Safety Communique Database
  SAFENET: Wildland Fire Operations Safety Reporting System
  SIMS (Safety Management Information System) DOI
  10 Standard Fire Orders & 18 Watchout Situations
Safety Documents
  Code of Federal Regulations
  Federal Fire & Aviation Safety Team (FFAST)
  Fire Danger Pocket Cards
  Fire Shelter Design Information
  BLM COSO Serious Incident Fatality Reponse Plan
  Online MSDS sheets
  GMUG 2018 Check In Check out Form
  GMUG Medical Emergency Evacuation Plan form
Other Links
  USFS Advisories & Alerts
  USFS Aviation Safety Center
  USFS Health & Safety Handbook (6709.11)
  Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center
  Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR)
  Interagency Standards for Fire and Aviation Operations
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