INTS Program
  1. The idea for an Intelligence Training Course proposed at the Intelligence Coordinators meeting in 1999 at New Orleans, LA.  An INT3 training cadre was initiated.
  2. Initial development of the INT3 (Intelligence Specialist Type 3) Training Course conducted in 2000-2001.
  3. First alpha course offered 2003 at the USFS Wildland Fire Training & Conference Center, McClellan, CA. Over 25 participants.
  4. Second course offerred in EACC / SACC at Shepardstown, MD in October 2003.  Over 20 participants.
  5. By late 2003, the National Dispatch Training and Development Committee took the idea of sponsorship to the NWCG on behalf of the Intelligence Training Committee. NWCG was not ready to take on sponsorhip of the course at the time.  Course position code changed from INT3 to INTS (Intelligence Support Specialist).
  6. Course offerred at Richlands Interagency Dispatch Center in May 2004. Over 20 participants.
  7. Course offerred at the SWCC in Albuquerque, NM, March 2005.  Over 22 participants.
  8. Course offerred at the NRCC in Missoula, MT, May 2005.  Over 20 participants.
  9. Sometime in 2005, the NDTDC suggested the GACC Intelligence Working Group maintain and sponsor the INTS Training Course and suggested the USFS take on sponsorship of the INTS Task Book.
  10. Also during 2005, the Intelligence / INTS Training Committee made a request to IQCS to see about adding the training course to the IQCS Training roster. They agreed and added it.
  11. By 2006, INTS was inserted in IQCS as a legitimate position code and provided to ROSS for entry into the ROSS database as a position.
  12. In 2007, the INTS Task Book was approved by Regional Training Coordinators and GACC Center Managers.
  13. In November 2007, the USFS approved and inserted use of THSP-INTS position code in USFS 5109.17 Manual.
  14. As of March 2008 in an e-mail received from the USFS Risk Mgmt Training Specialist: "As soon as the Forest Service training website gets redesigned in April, we'll "house" the task book on our website, under a link that says "Agency Approved Task Books". Right now, there is no position task book link in the Intelligence Support position standards in the 2007 5109.17. When the website gets redesigned, we'll send a letter out with the Deputy Chief's signature that says it is approved for use in certification. Prior to that, it can be used only as a guide, not as an element for certification."
  15. In May 2008, the USFS approved the INTS Task Book.
  16. In March, 2009, the Rocky Mountain Coordination Center hosted an INTS course in Lakewood, CO.