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Logging On to the 209 Application

The 209 application is accessible from the Internet through the National Fire and Aviation Management Web Applications site (FAMWEB) at .

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser, but users can still use other browsers (i.e. Chrome and FireFox).

Note:NOTE: You can print while using Internet Explorer.

The 209 application shares incident information with the ICS‐209 (209) application for data entry, summaries and reports. User names and passwords are assigned to individuals and should be protected.

Note:NOTE: Before accessing the 209 application, you must have a FAMWEB Logon ID and password. User names and passwords are assigned to individuals and should be protected
Click here if you need to update or create a new account: > Current FAMWEB User Account | New FAMWEB User Account. Remember, you must NEVER share a user name or password with the public or the media as this is a government program.

To get to the 209 application on the FAMWEB site, you must enter the site through the URL‐‐

1: "Logging On"

Logging ON / OFF Popup


A dialog box, as shown below, will pop up asking for your User Name and Password.

Note:NOTE: If the pop-up box does not appear, be sure to turn off pop-up blocker settings for this site in your web browser, then try again.
  1. Enter your User Name and Password.
  2. Click the "Log on" button.

Logging ON / OFF Popup


If you logged on to FAMWEB successfully, your name and authority information will appear in the upper right corner of the main page, as shown below.

If you don’t see your log-in name in the upper right corner, you are not logged into the program.

Logging ON / OFF Authority



Program Menu Structure