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NOTE: If you change agencies, obtain a new job, etc, you do not need to create a new FAMWEB account each time. You simply need to edit your current profile in FAMWEB (See Current FAMWEB Users).  You can also contact your GACC Intelligence Coordinator if you need additional help.

To request a new FAMWEB LogOn ID, click the "FAMWEB" link in the upper leftside menubar, then "New User Accounts."  Once the page opens, click the "Application Account" link and enter your user information online.

New Accounts

Upon clicking "Application Account," complete the following:

New Accounts 2

Note the following when completing the online registration form:

If you need help getting a LogOn ID and password, contact the Applications Help Desk at 800-253-5559 or 208-387-5290.

Once you have registered your new account, contact your GACC Intelligence Coordinator to associate your account to the SIIT Report and / or 209 Program.