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Incident Information -- Northwest Large Fire Information Summary

A Large Fire as defined by the National Wildland Coordinating Group, is any wildland fire in timber 100 acres or greater, and 300 acres or greater in grasslands/rangelands, or has an Incident Management Team assigned to it.

Information received from the National ICS-209 incident reporting database for large fires is updated each morning, and shows what has been reported by the Incident Commander the previous day at 7:00 PM. Information shown for each fire incident on the current day may not reflect changes made since the previous days ICS-209 input.

NWCC Public Information Blog

Updated:    Thursday, 29th September 2022 at 02:25:07 PM

Bolt Creek

General Info
Bolt Creek WA-NWS_000150
37 miles E of Seattle 11,674
2022-09-10 Under Investigation
7% 2022-10-01
597 single residences threatened
1131 minor structures, 1 destroyed
Timber, Brush WA Dept. of Natural Resources
154 1 0 13
Incident Contacts

Fire Information: 360-370-4170


September 29, 2022

US 2 CLOSED: US 2 is closed between mile marker 46 and 50 due to fire activity and falling trees along the road.

Fire Update: Crews continued work along the US 2 corridor on Wednesday, primarily cleaning up areas near
Beckler River Road and chipping vegetation that had fallen into the road over the last few days. The fire has made it
to US 2 through much of the closure area, but there still remains some areas along the highway that will have
persistent pockets of heat. Today, crews will continue to mitigate hazard trees, reinforce firelines, protect structures
and clear debris off US 2. Wednesday’s mild temperatures and high relative humidity—which reached 70-100
percent over the fire area on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by around .10 inches of rain—quieted fire behavior
and contributed to much less smoke output during the day. Conditions are expected to be similar today.
A Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team started work on the Bolt Creek Fire this week, with a goal to
assess potential post-fire risks to human life, safety, or property, and to critical natural and cultural resources, as well
as potential emergency stabilization measures that can be implemented to mitigate flooding or debris flows. If the
BAER assessment team determines there may be potential emergency situations, the short-term goal is to complete
flood and erosion control protection measures before the first large rain events.
Weather: Today will be mostly cloudy with a 60 percent chance of rain in the afternoon. Temperatures in the lower
50s on ridges and 60s in the valleys. Humidity will hover between 60-80 percent and possibly higher in the fire area.
Winds on ridgetops will be 4-8 mph with gusts of 10-15, while valley winds will be 3-6 mph with gusts to 12.

2022-09-29 10:24:03

Boulder Mountain

General Info
Boulder Mountain WA-NES-001858
9 miles northwest of Cusick, WA 2,310
2022-08-31 Lightning
99% 2022-09-30
Timber WA Dept. of Natural Resources
19 0 0 4
Incident Contacts



September 26, 2022

CUSICK, Wash. – Northwest Incident Management Team 13 has achieved its objective of fully suppressing the Boulder Mountain Fire,
keeping the fire footprint as small as possible and keeping the fire away from Tacoma Creek Road, east of Little Pend Oreille Wildlife
Refuge, and north of Calispell Peak and North Fork Tacoma Creek.

“We want to thank the Kalispel Tribe and the communities of Cusick and Usk for their hospitality and support,” said Northwest 13
Incident Commander Brian Gales. “The Tribe graciously allowed us to use their homelands and Pow Wow Grounds for our incident
command post throughout this incident. Local residents and businesses have also made us feel very welcome.”

Today is the final operational shift for Northwest IMT 13. Washington Department of Natural Resources and Colville National Forest will
reassume control of the fire Tuesday morning. For future information about the Boulder Mountain Fire, go to or

The Colville National Forest has lifted a closure enacted for the duration of the fire, however, many natural hazards can exist for months
– if not years – after a fire is out:

Dead or dying trees that remain standing after a wildfire are unstable, especially in high winds.
Burned out stumps and root systems can create pits that may also be camouflaged by ash or debris. They can also weaken the soil,
making it subject to collapse. Stepping or falling into one could break a bone. They may also contain hot embers that can cause severe
Ash and fallen needles are slippery and can make for treacherous footing on trails.
Unstable soils and areas stripped of vegetation can result in falling rocks or logs and landslides in dry weather, or debris flows and flash
floods in rainy weather.

2022-09-28 08:12:55

Cedar Creek

General Info
Cedar Creek OR-WIF-220180
15 Miles E of Oakridge, OR 114,999
2022-08-01 Lightning
20% 2022-11-01
2194 residences
320 minor structures, 443 nonresidential commercial property
Timber USDA Forest Service
1,366 31 9 32
Incident Contacts



September 29, 2022

West Zone Operations: Fire activity slowed yesterday as cooler temperatures and light precipitation influenced the fire area. Mop-up,
chipping, and patrol were the tasks of the day on the northern and western ends of the fire and will continue today. Ignitions from an
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS or drone) completed firing operations that began Monday on the southwest part of the fire. Firefighters
will look for opportunities in the coming days to utilize the UAS and solidify control features. The southeast area near Fuji Mountain and
Waldo Lake saw very minimal fire growth and will be monitored by aircraft. Highway 58 is expected to have reduced visibility due to
smoke again this morning. Low visibility, wet roadways, and road maintenance combined pose an increased hazard to the public and
firefighters. A community meeting will be held tonight, September 29 in Greenwaters Park, Oakridge at 6:00 PM, and live streamed on
the Cedar Creek Fire Facebook page.

East Zone Operations: The fire on the East Side continues to smolder, with the potential for rain likely to further limit fire behavior today.
No new perimeter growth is expected. Firefighters are continuing work on the shaded fuel breaks along Cascade Lakes Scenic
Byway/Route 46, focusing on the roadway northwest of Wickiup Reservoir and just south of Lava Lake. They are also using masticators
to add more depth to the fuel break along the 700 Road near Cultus Mountain. Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway/Route 46 remains closed
from Lava Lake in the north to Crescent Cutoff Road in the South. Highway 58 is open; however, Oregon Department of Transportation
paving operations may cause delays.

Weather: An east wind event will begin today and is expected to continue through Sunday resulting in lower relative humidity and
increased temperatures. Winds on ridges could increase to 20-25 mph, but concerns remain low for increased fire behavior.

Closures: The Deschutes National Forest and Willamette National Forest both have closures and fire restrictions in effect. Some of
these closures will remain in effect until areas that have been heavily impacted by the fire are surveyed for safety hazards. Please visit
Willamette National Forest and Deschutes National Forest for the most recent closure orders and maps. The Incident Command Post
has been established at the industrial park in Oakridge along with a camping area for firefighters near the Hills Creek Dam. This area is
in use by firefighters and closed to the public. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place. The use of drones is prohibited in the fire
area, please make it safe for our firefighters to use aircraft on the fire. Pacific Crest Trail hikers should visit for current

Smoke: For current conditions, see,, and LRAPA - Today's Current Air Quality. Smoke Forecast Outlooks
are available at

Evacuations: An updated map of the evacuation areas is available at Sign-up for emergency
mobile alerts by going to Please check with Lane County Sheriff’s Office at 541-682-4150 and Deschutes County Sheriff’s
Office at 541-693-6911 for updates and changes.

2022-09-29 09:13:11

Double Creek

General Info
Double Creek OR-WWF-000400
25 miles east of Enterprise, OR 159,813
2022-08-30 Lightning
89% 2022-10-31
3 destroyed
Timber USDA Forest Service
467 5 10 18
Incident Contacts




September 29, 2022
Highlights: Yesterday saw an increase in fire behavior across the fires. Today crews will assess those active fire areas and resources
stand ready to respond to any changes. Overnight precipitation and more moisture today should substantially reduce fire activity.

Double Creek Fire: 161,510 acres, no change | 89% contained | 436 personnel assigned

The northern region was very active yesterday in the Cow Creek and Lightning Creek drainages. The northern portion received wetting
rains overnight, and crews will assess fuel conditions in those areas today to determine resource needs for the next few days. Along the
western side of the fire, suppression repair is nearly complete.

Eagle Cap Wilderness Fires

Sturgill Fire: 21,103 acres, no change | 72% of objectives achieved | 60 personnel assigned

The fire was very active yesterday and burned towards the Stanley Guard Station. Helicopters dropped water to slow fire spread and
firefighters were in place to protect structures. The fire also moved toward Red’s Horse Ranch yesterday, where a structure protection
task force remained in place. Active monitoring will continue today.

Nebo Fire: 12,602 acres, no change | 78% of objectives achieved | 0 personnel assigned

Goat Mountain 2 Fire: 548 acres, no change | 0 personnel assigned

Quiet for 13 days, the Goat Mountain 2 Fire made a run to the east, slopping over a ridgeline and backing down the west side of the
Lostine River drainage. Helicopters made several water drops to slow the fire growth. This area will also continue to be monitored

Weather: A cold front moved through overnight bringing precipitation, higher relative humidity, and much cooler temperatures that will
linger into Friday. Over the weekend, a gradual warming and drying trend is expected.

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Temporary Area Closures: Closure orders are in effect for the Double Creek, Nebo, and Sturgill
Fires. Closure Orders and Maps are available here. Roads within area closures and Forest Service Road (FSR) 8250 east to the
junction with FSR 8250-040, FSR 3900-100, and FSR 3900-200 remain closed.

Road Closures: Upper Imnaha Road, Hat Point Road, Lower Imnaha Road, and Dug Bar Road are closed.

2022-09-29 14:25:05

Goat Rocks

General Info
Goat Rocks WA-GPF-000743
7 miles E of Packwood, WA 3,906
2022-08-09 Lightning
0% 2022-10-15
150 single residences
Timber USDA Forest Service
208 2 5 10
Incident Contacts



September 29, 2022

The Goat Rocks Fire received some much-needed rain yesterday. Rainfall totaled one tenth of an inch as of 7 a.m. this morning. Most
of the rain was intercepted by the crowns of trees in forested areas, with little precipitation reaching the ground-level fuels. These
showers still helped calm the fire by raising the relative humidity, allowing fine fuels to absorb enough moisture to make them difficult to
ignite. More rain is expected today.

Some moisture is reaching hot spots resulting in steam. This will create an increase in smoke coming from the fire. No growth was seen
on the fire yesterday. The acreage listed above is based on information from an infrared flight that occurred late Tuesday, reflecting 123
acres of new fire spread. Due to the rain and cloud cover no infrared flight was attempted last night.

Large fuels, including logs and stumps, are still very dry. They will continue to burn until fully consumed, soaked by rain and snow, or
extinguished by firefighters near containment lines. Most fire spread to date has been through these large fuels, not the finer fuels.
Recent rain may have tamped down the open flames, but fire activity will increase again as the moisture dissipates.

The weather will turn warmer and drier Friday, with another east wind episode starting this weekend. This system is forecast to be a
little cooler and not quite as dry as the system that passed through the area earlier this week. It is expected to produce an increase in
fire activity. The east wind episode is forecasted to extend into next week before higher humidity returns.

On Wednesday, fire personnel completed “brushing” Forest Road 066 to Packwood Lake. They cut brush and limbs sticking out into the
road, making it safer and easier to drive to the structures at the lake. They also did repair work on Forest Road 018, including replacing
the culvert at Purcell Creek. Hazard tree removal and chipping is ongoing along Forest Roads 46 and 4610, preparing them to be used
as containment lines if the fire pushes to the west or north.

Firefighters continue to patrol the Timberline and Goat Rocks communities, and around the historic structures at Packwood Lake.

Helicopters assigned to the Goat Rocks Fire are shared with the Kalama Fire south of Mount St. Helens. They are also available to
assist with fire detection and suppression in the local area.

Forest Closures: For information on current road and trail closures, you can go to this link:

Evacuations: Areas northeast of Butter Creek and north of US-12, including Lower Timberline and Goat Rocks, are still at an
Evacuation Level 1 (Be Ready). Upper Timberline remains at an Evacuation Level 2 (Be Set).

Fire Restrictions: Campfire bans and other use restrictions are in place across the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Campfires are
allowed within certain campgrounds identified on:

Public Safety: As rain moves through the area, watch out for slick roads. The first rains after a dry spell can wash oils, dust and other
materials off of roads, creating a slippery film.

Sign-up For Alerts: To receive alerts from Lewis County in the case of an emergency, sign up at

2022-09-29 14:24:40

Irving Peak

General Info
Irving Peak WA-OWF-000315
16 miles NW of Plains, WA 3,896
2022-08-11 Lightning
7% 2022-10-31
1 single residence
2 minor structures
Timber USDA Forest Service
0 0 0 0
Incident Contacts




2022-09-28 08:13:44


General Info
Kalama WA-GPF-001028
27 miles NE of Kalama, WA 435
2022-09-01 Under Investigation
5% 2022-10-31
10 single residences
20 minor structures
Timber USDA Forest Service
120 3 2 5
Incident Contacts



September 26, 2022

Overview: The Kalama Fire, located southeast of Kalama Horse Camp on the south side of Mount St. Helens, is at approximately 355
acres in size and is currently five percent contained. Acres increased only slightly with burn out operations to assist in securing the
perimeter of the fire. Cooler weather over the fire yesterday assisted in the firefighting efforts.

Fire Behavior: The fire was located on a cliff and is now burning on extremely steep ground. Fire fighters are preparing indirect lines in
more favorable terrain where they can be successful. Fire behavior has been smoldering and creeping with some torching observed.
The potential for fire growth remains and containment lines are being put in place.

Weather: Weather today is predicted to be warm and dry with gusty winds later this morning. Lower relative humidity is expected in the
afternoon. A warmer and drier pattern is expected to persist over the next few days.

2022-09-28 08:15:50

Minnow Ridge

General Info
Minnow Ridge WA-OWF-000479
25 miles N or Wenatchee 1,788
2022-09-10 Under Investigation
0% 2022-10-31
Timber USDA Forest Service
1 0 0 0
Incident Contacts



2022-09-28 08:13:13

Rum Creek

General Info
Rum Creek OR-MED-000243
5 miles NW of Galice, OR 21,347
2022-08-17 Lightning
93% 2022-10-31
2 destroyed
5 minor structures destroyed, 1 non-residential commercial property destroyed
Timber, Tall Grass, and Brush USDI Bureau of Land Management
66 1 1 1
Incident Contacts



September 23, 2022

MERLIN, Ore. – Warmer weather and low relative humidity levels forecasted for this weekend will assist fire crews on their mission to
seek and destroy any lingering heat within 200-feet of containment lines. Fire crews are on track to meet all suppression goals and are
winding down this weekend with operations expected to come to an end early next week.

Containment is currently 90-percent.

Heavy equipment and fire crews are still travelling and working along roads within and near the fire area. If your weekend recreation
plans include travel near the forest, please to use caution and keep in mind that recreational and road closures are still in place. Plan
ahead and slow down to help ensure everyone can enjoy this beautiful fall weekend.

Since this is the final daily update for the Rum Creek Fire, please utilize the link and phone number listed below for updates on current
conditions and potential openings of roads and recreational areas. Any future updates will be provided by local fire agencies if

Road Checkpoints: Road blocks are located at: Galice Rd north of Almeda; Peavine East Road at Bear Camp Road; Peavine West
Road at Upper Bear Camp Road; Quartz Creek Road about 3 miles up (end of County maintenance); Hog Creek Road at Galice Road;
and Galice Road at the bridge by Grave Creek Boat Ramp.

Recreation Area Openings: The Rogue River Trail (river right) is open, as is Almeda County Park. Rocky Bar, Robert Dean, Chair, and
Rand Recreation sites remain closed at this time. The Rainie Falls National Recreation Trail (on river left) remains closed. The Grave
Creek boat ramp is not accessible from Galice Road. Additional recreation sites are being assessed. Please call BLM Grants Pass
Office, 541-471-6500, for more information. Revised closure order and map:
and-aviation/regional-info/oregon- washington/fire-restrictions.

River status: The Wild section of the Rogue River below Grave Creek is open. The Smullin Visitor Center in Rand is now open for
permits, and new permits are being issued. The recreation section of the Rogue River is open, however the Rand and Argo Boat
Ramps are closed. Day users are recommended to take out at Almeda. Please call 541-471-6535 for more information.

2022-09-28 08:12:13

White River

General Info
White River WA-OWF-000319
14 miles NW of Plains, WA 3,896
2022-08-11 Lightning
10% 2022-10-30
90 single residences
6 mixed commercial, 2 non-residential, and 39 minor structures
Timber, Hardwood Litter, Grass and Understory USDA Forest Service
91 2 2 5
Incident Contacts





2022-09-28 08:14:03