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Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center

To report wildfires on public and private lands within the NEWICC dispatch area, contact NEWICC at (509) 685-6900.
For current recorded fire regulations, precautions, Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL), and closure information, 24 hours a day, contact 1-800-527-3305.

Washington Interagency Fire Training Academies

Every year, DNR hosts three wildfire training academies to provide quality wildland fire training at no-cost to interagency firefighting partners. Each academy uses local, state and federal firefighters' expertise to teach the courses.

Fire Danger Rating

Stevens County
Pend Oreille County
Ferry County
Okanogan County
Spokane County
Lincoln County

Federal Forecasted Staffing Levels:


Staffing Level:





Staffing Level:




WA State Forecasted Staffing Levels:

W678 E678 684 685





686 687 688  





PLST Data Capture Display OBS, FCST, NFDR

Preparedness Levels

Local Area Preparedness - 1
Northwest Preparedness Level - 1
National Preparedness Level - 1

Fire Danger Rating ERC Pocket Cards for FDRA:

FDRA North Zone
FDRA South Zone

FDRA East Zone

NEWICC Fire Stat and Initial Size-Up Cards

NEWICC Fire Stat Report Initial Size-Up pocket cards

NEWICC Fire Report for Type 1/2/3 Fires – Daily Reporting

NEWICC Fire Report – for Type 1/2/3 Fires

Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal (Fire EGP)

Fire Globe is part of NIFC's GIS, Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal (Fire EGP). - Read more

Fire EGP Map
See map

Industrial Fire Precaution Level

Level I
Zones: 678W, 678E, 685, 686, 687, 688
Level II
Zones: 684

Link to WA DNR IFPL Web Site


ROSS Self Status

Click on Logo for Resource Ordering System Status (ROSS) Self Status Web site.

NAP – Request & Reset Password

How to Request a NAP User Account

NAP Instructions for ROSS Access

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Weekly Type 3 Team Roster