Location Report

BTNF East Zone

Last Modified: 10/16/2019 11:32 am Duty Officer: Swenson/Jackson(T) Comments:
Resource ICS Type Name Status Location Remarks
Engine 421 and chase Engine T4 Various AV Big Piney

Engine available as needed.  Crew utilizing chase vehicle

Engine 671 Engine T6 Greer + 3 CO Fire support Alabama

Greer + 3 demob 10/17 from Alabama

Chappell + 3 mob enroute to backfill 10/17

E671 chase IA Module Byrd + 2 AV Pinedale
EZAFMO OPS Overhead Nate CO Decker Fire, CO

MOB 10/17

EZAFMO Fuels Overhead Swenson AV Pinedale
EZ Fuels Technician Overhead Marone OF
EZFMO Overhead Hutta CO Decker Fire, CO

MOB 10/17

EZ Prevention 21 Overhead Stinson AV Pinedale
Patrol Overhead Jackson AV Pinedale

Duty Officer Trainee.  Phone number (702) 830-1742


BTNF West Zone

Last Modified: 10/08/2019 8:35 am Duty Officer: Eddie Taylor Comments: 307-200-1767
Resource ICS Type Name Status Location Remarks
E-411 Engine T4 Harbour+5 AV Kemmerer

Staffing Monday through Friday

E-631 Engine T6 Fluckiger+4 AV Afton
E411 chase IA Module Chase AV Kemmerer
Zone FMO Overhead Eddie Taylor AV Kemmerer
Zone AFMO - Ops Overhead Andrew Myhra AV Afton
Prevention 32 Overhead Angie Crook AV Afton
Zone AFMO Fuels Overhead
E631 chase Overhead

BTNF North Zone

Last Modified: 05/28/2020 9:01 am Duty Officer: Dave Wilkins Comments: 307-690-5366
Resource ICS Type Name Status Location Remarks
Teton WFM Crew (Other) E. Hawes +9 AV Blackrock

1 ICT4, Mon-Thurs staffing. Turpin Meadows Fuels Reduction 

E-441 Engine T4 A. Johnson + 3 AV Jackson

Mon-Fri staffing

E-441 Chase IA Module P. Tenney +2 AV Cottonwood W.S.

Mon-Fri staffing

Fuels Technician Overhead J. Henrie CO Idaho Falls, ID

AFMO detail on CT

Zone FMO Overhead S. Markason AV Jackson


Zone AFMO - Ops Overhead D. Wilkins AV Jackson


Zone AFMO - Fuels Overhead A. Hall CO WA

WA detail

P-741 Overhead Williams AV Jackson

Grand Teton National Park

Last Modified: 05/29/2020 9:04 am Duty Officer: Bill Mayer Comments:
Resource ICS Type Name Status Location Remarks
E-301 Chase Crew (Other) Petsch AV Moose
Fire Effects Crew (Other) Stephenson AV Moose

Stephenson +2


E-601 Chase Crew (Other) Dockins AV Colter Bay
E-301 Engine T3 Petsch AV Moose

Wayne + 3

E-601 Engine T6 Dockins AV Colter Bay
FMO - 500 Overhead C. Collins AV Moose




DFMO - 501 Overhead B. Mayer AV Moose



Fire Ecologist - 506 Overhead D. Abendroth AV Jackson


(307) 690-9828

Fire Monitor - 526 Overhead Ron Steffens AV Moose

Season analysis, prepping for IMT COVID simulation June 1-4.


Last Modified: 05/27/2020 8:46 am Duty Officer: Comments:
Resource ICS Type Name Status Location Remarks
Helitack S-271 Crew (Other) AV Teton Helibase

Bentley, Nichols, Trout, Gregson, Johnson, Vore


Helitack Module 1 Crew (Other) AV Teton Helibase/North Zone

Lancaster + 14

Helitack Captain Overhead Mac Bones AV Teton Helibase/North Zone

CPR/First Aid, NPS Project

Air Base Manager Overhead Jim Dotson OS Teton Helibase


Helitack Superintendent Overhead Mike Bentley AV Teton Helibase


Helitack Captain Overhead Matt Lancaster AV Teton Helibase/North Zone

Running Crew

Helitack Captain Overhead Travis Nichols AV TIH


Aviation Officer Overhead David Gomez OF

Teton Crew

Last Modified: 09/07/2019 4:33 pm Duty Officer: Comments:
No resources were found.

Other Resources – Assigned Out of Area

Last Modified: 09/30/2019 8:27 pm Duty Officer: N/A Comments: For staff who are NOT assigned to a regular fire duty station.
No resources were found.

BTNF Supervisors Office

Last Modified: 05/20/2020 3:47 pm Duty Officer: Tobin Kelley Comments: Effective 5/20/2020
Resource ICS Type Name Status Location Remarks
Public Information Officer Overhead Kasey Stewart NR Jackson
Agency Administrator Overhead Derek Ibarguen AV Jackson
Fire & Timber Staff Overhead T Kelley AV Jackson
Deputy Fire Staff Officer Overhead Josh Erickson AV Jackson


Forest Fuels Specialist Overhead A Norman AV Jackson



Interagency Fire Planner Overhead E Neiswanger AV
Incident Business Specialist Overhead Leslie Porter AV Big Piney
Fire Cache Manager Overhead Heidi Zardus AV Jackson

Cell 307-690-1294