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The National Predictive Services Program is the lead program in providing decision support services to the wildland fire community at the Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC) and National Coordination Center (NICC) level.  In general, the Predictive Services Unit consists of assimilating Intelligence Operations, Fire Behavior, and Fire Weather Programs to produce National and Area-wide Fire Weather / Fire Danger / Fire Behavior Outlook products.  In addition to producing these documents, each component also produces their own program specific products ranging from situation reporting, resource analysis, weather station monitoring, and weather forecasting, to fuel moisture and fire behavior analysis.

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National Predictive Services Subcommittee (NPSS): The National Predictive Services Subcommittee is chartered under NWCG to provide leadership and direction for the Predictive Services program. The Subcommittee consists of 10 members including the National Association of State Foresters, National Weather Service, Intelligence Working Unit (IWU), Meteorology Working Unit (MWU), and field managers from various Federal and/or State agencies. The goal of NPSS is to promote safe, efficient and cost effective fire management practices. Through collaborative leadership, with input from user groups at all levels, the NPSS strives to continually improve the quality, accuracy, and relevance of decision support products provided through the multi-agency coordination system to fire managers and users nationwide.  Go to the NPSS website.