IARR Daily Crew Report
IARR Injury Checklist

Two forms for Interagency Resource Representatives.

Wildland Fire Fatality and Entrapment Initial Report
To be completed for fire-related entrapment and/or fatalities.

Developmental Dispatcher
To be completed by individuals wishing to schedule a preplanned detail/fire assignment to the Southern Area Coordination Center.

Detail Request
To be completed for all non-fire assignments and any assignments exceeding 14 days.

Name Request
To be completed when placing Name Requests to SACC.

Crew Manifest
To be completed for all crews mobilized in the Southern Area for off-unit assignments.

Jet Release
By signing the form, the Chief of Party, Superintendent, Crew Boss, IARR or Crew Representative is certifying: 1) All members within their control are known to them; and 2) No one is transporting prohibited/hazardous materials.