Southern Area Developmental Dispatcher Details and Incident Assignments
Southern Area Coordination Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Office: 678-320-3000          Fax: 678-320-3036


The Southern Area Coordination Center offers a wonderful developmental opportunity for Dispatch Recorders, Support Dispatchers, Supervisory Dispatchers and Coordinators to obtain knowledge of Geographic Area Coordination that includes active utilization of State Compacts, multiple incidents occurring over 13 states, all-risk incidents including storm damage from hurricanes, daily interface with a Multi-Agency Coordinating Group, as well as activities found at most Geographic Area Coordination Centers.


The Southern Area’s season is typically 10½ months long.  Fire season begins in mid-February, becomes extremely active in March through June, moves into hurricane season, Western fire support season, and back into an active fall fire season which normally occurs in late October and November.


The Southern Area would like to offer preplanned details/fire assignments into the Coordination Center for dispatchers.  The details are open to either trainees or qualified dispatchers.  If you are interested in a detail to the Southern Area Coordination Center during the 2010 season, please complete the following questionnaire.  E-mail or fax the form to your own Host Dispatch Center first, then fax to the attention of Kelly Jerzykowski at (678) 320-3036.


The Southern Area utilizes these forms to schedule the staffing at SACC.  We schedule dispatchers utilizing the following priorities:


  1. Southern Area qualified Coordinators, Supervisory Dispatchers, Support Dispatchers, and Dispatch Recorders.
  2. Southern Area trainee Coordinators, Supervisory Dispatchers, Support Dispatchers, and Dispatch Recorders.
  3. Local Atlanta militia that can commit for 1-2 week periods (no per diem costs incurred).
  4. Other Geographic Area CORD, EDSP, EDSD, and EDRC.

Please note: The Southern Area Coordinator ensures staffing at SACC reflects the workforce of the Southern Area and includes interagency representation.






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My 2-week availability period(s) is as follows:



Please enter "Q" (Qualified) or "T" (Trainee) in the blocks below for the position you wish to serve in.


































Background Information:



Dispatch training I have completed:


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D-110 Dispatch Recorder


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D-510 Supervisory Dispatcher


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D-312 Aircraft Dispatcher Course

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USFS Intelligence Course



Prior Expanded Dispatch assignments I have served in include:



















I have my supervisor's support for availability on the dates I have indicated:

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Name of Host Dispatch Center Manager:                                                             

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If you have questions regarding details/incident assignments, please contact:

·          Kelly Jerzykowski, Area Coordinator, U.S. Forest Service, (678) 320-3001


·         Jeff Brice, Assistant Area Coordinator, National Park Service, (678) 320-3004

·         Pat Boucher, Assistant Area Coordinator, Fish and Wildlife Service, (678) 320-3003

·         Tracy Robinson, Assistant Area Coordinator, Bureau of Indian Affairs, (678) 320-3002

·         Tami Buchanan, Assistant Area Coordinator, Intelligence, U.S. Forest Service, (678) 320-3007

·         Vacant, Assistant Area Coordinator, Aviation, U.S. Forest Service, (678) 320-3005


We look forward to working with you.