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Pueblo Interagency Dispatch Center

Last Modified: 11/29/2022 8:41 am (Pacific Time) Planning Level: 1, Staffing hrs: 0800-1800 (Sun-Sat) Duty Officer: Dispatch: BR-1-1
Resource ICS Type Leader Name Status Location Remarks
Branch 1 Overhead E. Toft U PIDC A/L 11-29- 12-4 Center Mgr. Cell: 719-252-9360
CO-PSF Overhead C. Brown U PIDC Break-In-Service. Cell: 719-423-0341

San Luis Valley Interagency Fire Management

Last Modified: 11/29/2022 11:07 am (Pacific Time) Planning Level: 2 Duty Officer: CH-2 719-852-6218
Resource ICS Type Leader Name Status Location Remarks
Engine T6
E-631 Engine T6 U Station 3 (La Jara) May be staffed as needed.
CH-1 Overhead C. Lewis U Monte Vista RDO Sat-Sun.
P-41 Overhead P. Renner U Station 4 (Del Norte) RDO Fri-Sun
Detailed as RGF Safety Officer Overhead C. Simmons U Station 6 (Monte Vista) RDO Sat-Sun
BC-1 Overhead J. Jordan U Monte Vista Jordan detailing as FOS RDO Sat/Sun


Last Modified: 11/28/2022 10:33 am (Pacific Time) Planning Level: PL-2 Duty Officer: Webb
Resource ICS Type Leader Name Status Location Remarks
Engine T3
DFPC ENG 3321 Engine T3 Sullivan U Alamosa Mechanical
Engine T4
DFPC ENG 4242 Engine T4 Sullivan U Alamosa Plus 1
DFPC ENG 4321 Engine T4 Cerny U Alamosa Plus 1
Equipment (other)
DFPC Utility 32 Equipment (other) U Alamosa
BC 32 Overhead Vacant U Alamosa