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Block 38. Current Incident Threat Summary and Risk Information  Required 

Block 38: Current Threats

Summarize major or significant threats due to incident activity based on currently available information. Include a breakdown of threats in terms of 12-, 24-, 48-, and 72-hour timeframes and anticipate beyond if applicable.

Summarize primary incident threats to life, property, communities and community stability, residences, health care facilities, other critical infrastructure and key resources, commercial facilities, natural and environmental resources, cultural resources, and continuity of operations and/or business. Identify corresponding incident]related potential economic or cascading impacts.


Block 39. Critical Resource Needs

Block 39: Critical Resource Needs

List the specific critical resources and numbers needed, in order of priority. Be specific to the task needed. Provide critical resource needs in 1], 24-, 4-] and 72-hour increments. List the most critical resources needed for each timeframe, if needs have been identified for each timeframe. Listing critical resources by the time they are needed gives incident support personnel a gheads uph for short-range planning and assists the ordering process to ensure these resources will be in place when they are needed.


  • More than one resource need may be listed for each timeframe. This list could include:
    • 12 hours: 2 Type 1 helicopters (3 periods), 6 Type 2]IA hand crews (8 periods)
    • 24 hours: 2 Type 1 helicopters (3 operational periods)
    • 48 hours: 5 Type 3 engines with STEN (2 operational periods)
    • 72 hours: 1 Type 2 helicopter with module (6 operational periods).


  • Do not use this block for noncritical resources.
  • If critical resources are listed in this block, there should be corresponding orders placed for them through appropriate resource ordering channels.
  • Additional documentation in other blocks on this tab can help support and justify the need for critical resources.