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Block 35. Weather Concerns

Block 35: Weather

Complete a short synopsis/discussion on significant weather factors that could cause concerns for the incident when relevant. Include current and/or predicted weather factors, and the timeframe for predictions.

Enter the weather forecasted for the next operational period including: wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and relative humidity. Highlight significant forecasted severe weather events, such as thunderstorms, high temperatures, dry lightning, frontal passages, inversions, and gusty/erratic winds, weather watches, advisories, or warnings or any other weather information relative to the incident, such as flooding, hurricanes, etc.

Block 36. Projected Incident Activity, Potential, Movement, Escalation, or Spread  Required 

Block 36: Projected Incident Activity

Provide an estimate of the direction/scope in which the incident is expected to spread, migrate, or expand in the next indicated operational period, or other factors that may cause activity changes. Discuss incident potential relative to values at risk, or values to be protected (such as human life), and potential changes to those as the incident changes. Include an estimate of the acreage or area that will be affected. Provide the above information in 12], 24], 48] and 72]hour timeframes, and any activity anticipated after 72 hours.

Block 37. Strategic Objectives

Block 37: Strategic Objectives

Describe the desired end state of the incident. Briefly discuss the desired outcome for the incident based on currently available information. Note any high]level objectives and any possible strategic benefits as well (especially for planned events).