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Block 9. Incident Type    Required  IRWIN

Enter a general definition of the incident in this block. This may be a general incident category or kind description, such as “Wildfire”, “Flood”, “Tornado”, “Civil Unrest/People Gathering”, etc.

Block 9. Incident Type

Select from the drop-down menu the incident type. There are 21 types to choose from:

Incident Description

Allows more detailed description of the incident. For example: If Incident Type is "Biological Outbreak," description might say "Swine flu epidemic."

Cause  Required  IRWIN

Select the cause (Human, Lightning/Natural, Other, Unknown) from the drop-down list.

Fire Suppression Strategy Required 

This a Required Field when "Wildfire" is selected as Incident Type.   This section is grayed out for non-fire incidents – as shown in the flood example below.

Select from the drop-down menu the management strategy that best represents the situation for the operational reporting period. Enter the percentage of the fire perimeter that meets the following strategy for the incident:

Fire managers may have a need to adjust an incidents suppression strategy over the life of an incident. In these incidences users should add further suppression strategy clarification in the Remarks, Block 47.


Additional suppression strategy clarification can be made in the Remarks block (Block 47).
For more information on suppression strategies, go to the national Intelligence webpage at: or Chapter 20 of the National Mobilization Guide:


  1. Wildfire

    Block 9: Wildfire

  2. Non-Wildfire

    Block 9: Flood