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Block 7. Current Incident Size or Area Involved Required

    Single Incident - Size by Unit

    1. Enter the size of the incident.  Use dropdown to select "Unit Label."

      Block 7

      When the incident is a single incident, as specified in Block 7, click Size by Unit located beneath the drop-down list area.

      Block 7 - Size by Unit

      The Incident Area Breakout by Unit pop-up window appears. Acreages in this block are listed by ownership.


    2. Manually enter the acreage in the field under the Size/Area header by clicking in the field to make it editable.
    3. To change the “Unit of Measure,” click in the fields below the header.
    4. To remove an agency, select the row and click Delete Selected Rows.
    5. To add an agency, click + Add Row.

      The Add Land Management Unit for Breakout pop-up window appears. Land management units that fall within the selected dispatch zone populate on the right.

      Add Rows

    6. Select the land management agency whose acres you want to record (previously selected units are grayed out – such as Grand Canyon NP shown in the example above). After selecting a new unit, click Submit. When finished, click Close.

      Note:NOTE: When the incident spreads onto a neighboring GACC, state, or dispatch zone, select the new unit on the left side of the window using the drop]down lists then select the desired land ownership unit(s). These acres need to be reported by the appropriate dispatch center on the SIT report.

      Size By Unit

    7. When all units have been entered, the 'Current Incident Size' will be grayed out indicating there are muliple land units affected by this incident.

      Current Incident Size

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