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The Incident Status Summary, also known as the "ICS-209" is used for reporting specific information on incidents of significance. The report is a critical interagency incident reporting tool giving daily 'snapshots' of the wildland fire management situation and individual incident information which include cost, critical resource needs, fire behavior, size, etc. Accurate and timely completion of the 209 is necessary to determine appropriate resource allocation during multiple incident occurrences. In conjunction with other sources of information, the information included on the 209 is used by managers to determine the priority of an incident and allocation of scarce resources. The Sit/209 application is also a system of record for data on incident activity. For further information about the Incident Status Summary, see Appendix A: Incident Status. This document is to be used as a User Guide for the 209 application located on the National Fire and Aviation Management Web Applications site (FAMWEB). The 209 Application is a web-based application that allows for more efficient processing of the Incident Status Summary, Form 209.