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Example - Entering IA Data Only

Note:NOTE: Be sure to report all wildfire activity (regardless of suppression strategy, Rx (Prescribed) for the period of 0001 to 2400 local time.

For the Protection Unit ID-BOD (shown below), one human fire for 35 acres, and three lightning fires for 200 acres (see red box under Protection) was reported. The breakdown by ownership for the human caused fire is unit ID-1AX. This is the ownership where the fire started, and burned 10 acres of ID-1AX land. The fire also burned 25 acres on unit ID-1GX land.

Additionally, unit ID-BOD managed three lightning fires. One lightning fire started on ID-BOD land and burned 100 acres of BLM land. Also, two lightning fires occurred on ID-1AX land, which burned 50 acres on unit ID-1AX, and an additional 50 acres burned on unit ID-1PX ownership (shown in the blue box under Ownership for Protection Unit BLM ID-BOD). The totals appear in the top section of the page in the yellow/green fields (red box).

Graphic - Example

Again, review the information entered on the Fire and Acres by Ownership screens with the totals that populate the Daily Fire Statistics by Protection Unit screen. Once this information is correct, click Save.