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About Us - Eastern Area Coordination Center (EACC)

The Eastern Area Coordination Center (EACC) serves federal and state wildland fire agencies within the twenty-state Eastern Area (EA). EACC provides logistical support, resources, and intelligence for anticipated and ongoing wildland fire activity. EACC facilitates movement of resources (people, aircraft, ground equipment) among the EA member agencies and their individual units. EACC monitors wildfire potential, weather, and wildland fire use with the EA. EACC also responds to requests for support to other geographic areas from the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC) at Boise, ID.

EACC was first established to support wildfire suppression efforts. Today, EACC plays an additional role, providing logistical support and emergency response to other natural disasters. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., both within the nation and beyond, may require resource mobilization through EACC. When the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is activated for wildfire emergency response, Emergency Support Function #4 requests will be processed by EACC.

EACC supports the wildland fire community through training, workshops, special projects or tasks assigned by the Eastern Area Coordinating Group (EACG).