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- Nominations For "2017 Al Bell - Excellence in Dispatching" Award -

This form is used to nominate individuals for the 2017 SWA "Al Bell - Excellence in Dispatching" Award.  To be eligible, the individual nominating and the nominee must have active "ROSS" accounts. All nominations must be "RECEIVED" no later than September 30, 2016.

The "Al Bell - Excellence in Dispatching" Award was created in 1988 to acknowledge the contributions Al Bell, a Southwest Area Coordinator, made to the Dispatch and Coordination system during his years of service. Al set an example as a Dispatcher and Coordinator in the Southwest Area that is recognized today as the standard of excellence in professional dispatching and coordination. In addition, his personal bearing and professional conduct established a high benchmark for interpersonal and general office relationships. Al retired from the U. S. Forest Service the same year. A recipient of this award should be someone who most closely exhibits the same attributes Al exhibited. Nominees may be from any agency and any level of the Dispatch or Coordination system in the Southwest Area.

This award is presented annually at the Southwest Area Dispatchers Workshop.

I would like to nominate the following candidate as the 2017 SWA "Al Bell - Excellence in Dispatching" Award.


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3. Maintains an agreeable disposition. Possesses a 'slow trigger.' Able to work with many different personalities.  Achieves results:
4. Makes significant contributions to the National / Area / Local mobilization effort.  Affects change:
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