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Southwest Area WIMS/RAWS Page

WIMS Guide

Topic or Issue How To
Editing Herbaceous States Editing Herbaceous States_How To

Freezing an NFDRS Station (after the fact)

Freezing a Station_How To
Use of Wet Flag when entering Obs into WIMS Turning on the Wet Flag_How To
Spring start-up hints  
Wet Flag Situations  
A Description of the NFDRS Parameters and Carryover Values in WIMS  
Editing RAWS obs to produce indices EOBS steps_How To
Need a WIMS ID number? WIMS ID Number
Request Access to WIMS Access to WIMS
Are your NFDRS indices high?  One possible answer... 2000 High NFDRS Outputs

RAWS Guide

CMMS - New Maintenance Tracking System - starting Spring 2007
ASCADS Retrieval / Installation
Maintenance Checklist
Troubleshooting RAWS - at the top of the page choose the manufacturer, then proceed
NFDRS Standards - most recent revision in May 2005
RAWS Field Guide
Region 3 RAWS AOP
List of operational RAWS in Region 3 (to be posted soon)

Misc. Items: