Alamogordo Interagency Dispatch Center (ADC) is located in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The Alamogordo Air Tanker Base is located on the same compound as our building.

ADC performs dispatch duties for the southeastern part of New Mexico and west Texas. The area's topography varies from the flat grass lands of Carlsbad, New Mexico to the 9,000 feet elevation of the Sacramento Mountains.

The center serves as communication hubs for six state and federal agencies, with 16 cooperators from the Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture and New Mexico State Forestry.  Approximately 22,000,000 acres are under the protection of ADC.

ADC disperses fire personnel, equipment, crews and air resources to each fire incident and maintains communication between fire resources, management, and other agencies, such as fire departments. The center serves as dispatch point-of-contact for the Pecos Zone (PEZ) and provides wildland fire and all-risk incident support to the PEZ partner agencies. Together the PEZ partner agencies manage an average of 500+- fire incidents per year. The center is responsible primarily for wildland fire preparedness and suppression support activities, but may support all-risk incidents as needed or directed.

The center employs a combination of temporary and career BLM, BIA, and USDA Forest Service dispatchers.

Alamogordo Interagency
Dispatch Center
3500 Airport Rd., Box 10
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Cooperating federal agencies in the Alamogordo Dispatch Area
National Park Service Bureau of Indian Affairs U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service Bureau of Land Management U. S. Forest Service New Mexico State Forestry