WIMS County ID Maps


These maps have been designed by the SACC Predictive Services Team to help our users in the field identify themselves in the “WIMS world”. Each state, or portion of a state, has been clearly labeled with the county name and the WIMS County ID number. WIMS ID numbers should not be confused with county “Z” numbers that are used by the National Weather Service to demarcate zones. WIMS ID numbers do not follow county FIPS codes in all areas, although they may utilize the County FIPS code in some areas. The WIMS convention is a 2-digit state code, followed by a 2-digit county code, followed by a 2-digit station number. These maps were designed to help those who have oversight of RAWS to quickly and easily identify new station numbers. If you put in a new station, or need to move a station, please contact SACC for a new WIMS ID. 


WIMS Convention Example:  15     70     02    Corresponds to:  Kentucky (15)--Pulaski County (70)--Station number 02 in the county.  Station number is 157002


For Virginia, and much of the northeast, this convention breaks down. When the number of counties in a state exceed 99, counties are clustered into groups. Georgia and Texas exhibit this concept.


These maps are free, average about 1.6MB apiece, and are created using 301 dpi. They should maintain their clarity and resolution when resized. Everyone should feel free to incorporate these maps into their Annual Operating Plan as they deem appropriate


A PowerPoint Presentation of all available maps is available for download. It is 81.5 MB in size! Right Click here and choose Save As or Save Target As for the unzipped version. The zipped version (75.2 MB) is also available for download.




If you find errors, please email me at denver_ingram@nps.gov.  Thanks. Denver.






        Florida Panhandle


        Florida Peninsula



        North Georgia

        South Georgia


        Eastern Kentucky

        Central Kentucky

        Western Kentucky




North Carolina

        Eastern North Carolina

        Central North Carolina

        Western North Carolina

Oklahoma (Now Available)

        Eastern Oklahoma

        Western Oklahoma

        Oklahoma Panhandle

Puerto Rico (est. 5-18-05)

       Western Puerto Rico

Central Puerto Rico

Eastern Puerto Rico

South Carolina


        Eastern Tennessee

        Western Tennessee


        Northeast Texas

        Southeast Texas

        West Texas

        TX Entire State (no County Names)


Western Virginia

        Western Virginia Independent Cities

Central Virginia

        Central Virginia Independent Cities

Northern  Virginia

        Northern Virginia Independent Cities

Southeastern Virginia

        Southeastern Virginia Independent Cities



West Virginia



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