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Thank you for your interest in assisting local, state and federal government agencies in the event that an emergency (or also known as an incident) arises.

This web site was designed to provide you with a “one stop shopping” place for information specifically related to assignments with State and Federal groups (as listed below) in particular for wildland fire suppression, but also other types of emergencies as they may arise. 

National Competitive EERA Solicitation Plan (updated 03/04/09)

Information Required at Check-In

(Email and Fax completed form to Anita McLendonat, fax 601-892-5652)

Contractor Performance System (CPS) Registration

Dispatch Procedures for Contract Fire Equipment

Doing Business with Government - eAuthentication

How to Get Started as a Government Contractor

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** It is important to note that this information does not guarantee that you will be hired. The number, size and complexity of fires varies by season as does the need for contract equipment. Additionally, you should be aware that in most cases not all types of equipment are needed for all emergencies. The equipment that is used/hired is solely dependent on the nature of the emergency and the factors (such as terrain, weather, and safety factors) that exist surrounding the emergency. **



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