PREAMBLE: This worksheet is intended to serve as a convenient place to consolidate and analyze critical information needed for the assessment portion of the PA Report.


  1. Describe the size and location (as related to threat) of fire or fires.





  1. Describe what is being threatened in terms of numbers, importance, degree, etc.; communities, structures, businesses, utilities, highways, etc.





  1. Describe casualties, injuries, evacuations, property damage, public health and safety concerns, etc.





  1. Describe current and predicted fire behavior, containment status and difficulties, fuel types, etc. as related to potential threats to life and property.





  1. Describe current and predicted weather, drought conditions, and fire danger as related to fire behavior and threat to life and property.





  1. Describe resource status; committed, available, needed, etc.





  1. Describe the geographic or statewide fire situation if it relates to the states ability/inability to control the fire(s) identified in the FMAG Request.





  1. Make predictions/prognosis in terms of threat to life and property.