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Crews Equipment
  Local   Becoming a Vendor
  Crew Manifest Form (Blank)   VIPR Preseason Agreement Categories
  Green River Interagency Crews Standar Operating Guidelines (2017 - Password Protected)   VIPR - Dispatch Priority Lists (DPL)
  Wyoming IHC Website   Fire Equipment Status (FES)
  RMACC   National Dispatch Standard Operating Guide for Contracted Resources
  Crew Tactical Report   RMACC
  Guidlines for IHC Rotation and Out of Area Rotation   RMA VIPR Ordering Guiide
  Rocky Mountain Area Native American Crew Plan (2014-2019)   RMA Contract Equipment Guiide
  National   Rocky Mountain Engine Academy
  Standards for IHC Operations   National
  National Interagency Hotshot Crews (IHC) List   Mobile Food & Shower Services Request Form
  National Type 2-IA Crew Contract (2016-2020)   Mobile Food Services Contract (2015-2019 - Password Protected)
  Smokejumper Status Report   Mobile Shower Facilities Contract (2014-2018 - Password Protected)
National Fire Equipment & Supplies (NFES) Catalog Radio Support
  Supply Replacement Requisition (S# Request) Form (OF-315)   High Desert-West BLM Repeater Coverage
  Non-NFES Supply Request Form (use for ongoing incidents)   High Desert-East BLM Repeater Coverage
  NFES Item Lookup   High Plains BLM Repeater Coverage
  Fire Supplies & Equipment: Catalog Part 1   CPC Quick Frequency Guide (Password Protected)
  Publications: Catalog Part 2   BLM-WY Frequency Program (2018 - Password Protected)
  • Service and Supply Plan   MRF and TBNG Radio Comms Plan (2018 - Password Protected)
Other Links   MRF and TBNG Frequency Map (Password Protected)
  Food Service Request Form   RMACC A/G and A/A Frequency Map (Password Protected)
    National Interagency Aviation Frequency Guide (2018 - Password Protected)
      National Incident Radio Support Cache User's Guide (2017)
      Basic Radio Operation & Programming Guide
      Radio Pocket Cards
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