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Welcome to the 2016 SIT209 Program - Online User Guides.

The online SIT209 Program has been in place since 1999 serving the wildland fire community with up-to-date fire operations intelligence and information for decision makers throughout the wildland fire system.  On January 14, 2014, the newly developed online SIT209 Program was rolled out to the wildland fire community replacing the previous version of the SIT209 Program, now known as the "Legacy SIT209."  

The GACC Intelligence community, along with local dispatch organizations and contractors, have worked tirelessly to re-write and enhance this new program.  As you will see, the Program has many difference features than the Legacy SIT209 Program.

This SIT209 - Online User Guide is our attempt at assisting the user in finding the answers to questions without the need to relying on the current PDF version.  In addition, it is intended to reduce the need to contact the Helpdesk or possibly your GACC Intelligence Coordinator.

With this said, we know this guide will not answer all of your questions, so feel free to contact your nearest GACC Intelligence Coordinator / Officer at any time. 

Thanks.  National Intelligence Operations Group - SIT/209 Committee.


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