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Block 16-21

Block 16. State  Required  IRWIN
Enter the State of incident’s point of origin. If incident covers multiple states, enter the state first impacted or where the epicenter was located (as in a hurricane or earthquake, etc.) If other states or jurisdictions are involved, enter them in Remarks, Block 47.

Block 17. County/Parish/Borough  Required  IRWIN
Enter the County/Parish/Borough of the incident's point of origin. If other counties are involved, enter them in Remarks, Block 47.

Block 18. City
Enter the city of the incident's point of origin. When the point of origin is not within a city enter the closest or most relevant city to the point of origin. If the incident involves multiple cities please note the additional cities in Remarks, Block 47.

Block 19. Unit or Other
Enter the unit, sub‐unit, unit identification (ID) number or code (if used) or other information about where the incident originated. This may be a local identifier that indicates primary incident jurisdiction or responsibility for the incident (e.g., police, fire, public works, etc.) or another type of organization.

Note:NOTE: For wildfire incidents, managing unit information is derived from Block 2, Incident Number, and
does not need to be re‐entered here. Text entry in this block is grayed out and not allowed for wildfire

Block 20. Incident Jurisdiction
Enter the jurisdiction under which the incident originated (the entry may be general, such as federal, city, or state, or may specifically identify agency, such as Warren County, U.S. Coast Guard, Panama City, NYPD).

Note:NOTE: For wildfire incidents, this block is grayed out. Incident jurisdiction is provided in Block 2, Incident Number.

Block 21. Incident Location Ownership  Required 
Enter the incident's land ownership at the point of origin (this may differ from the incident's jurisdiction). This may include situations where jurisdictions contract for emergency services or where it is relevant to include ownership by private entities, such as a large industrial site..

Note:NOTE: Wildfire incidents should use an established NWCG unit identifier when entering ownership at point of origin. Approved NWCG Unit identifiers already exist in the Sit/209 application and are updated quarterly in the application.