National Interagency Coordination Center

3833 South Development Avenue

Boise, Idaho 83705


June 17, 2003



To: Geographic Area Center Managers

Incident Commanders


Subject: NFES 1835 500 Person First Aid Station


Background This kit exists to provide a pre-configured set of first aid supplies for large incidents. It contains over-the-counter medications and specialized medical equipment among its components. These components bear a significant cost and require specific skills in their use.


This kit was developed in parallel with the Incident Medical specialist program in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies Geographic Areas. The law requires the prescriber of medications to be licensed or otherwise qualified to do so. This authority is given to registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physician assistants, doctors and other such licensed individuals.


Issue Since 1999 the demand for these kits have increased at an accelerated rate. The kits are built and maintained solely by the Northern Rockies Cache at a cost of $4,999. each. The loss percentage on the kit components has also increased dramatically, with some kits being returned almost empty.


This is a highly specialized kit that is in high demand. It requires stringent management control, adherence to established protocols, and emphasis on accountability. Incident management teams must ensure that qualified personnel are assigned to manage these kits. The following procedures are to be implemented for the 2003 fire season.


  1. NFES 1835, 500 Person Medical Kits must be ordered by the incident medical unit leader through the dispatch coordination system.


  1. The name of the assigned medical unit leader must be documented with the request on the resource order.


  1. Prioritization and allocation of these kits will be managed by the GACC and NICC.


These procedures have been approved by the NWCGs National Fire Equipment Subcommittee (NFES) and the Geographic Area Center Managers. With your assistance in managing this critical resource, we can minimize the cost and time required to refurbish the kits and ensure that qualified personnel are assigned to manage their use.



/s/ Kim Christensen

NICC Manager / Chair, NFES