Southern California Interagency Support Cache






            To:                   Southern California Cache Customers

            From:               David A. Estes, Fire Cache Manager

            Date:                6 June 2006

            Subject:            Cache Van Support Guidelines


The Southern California Cache maintains 11 Mobile Cache Vans, each able to field equipment for initial set up of a base camp (Cache Vans are not intended to support an incident for extended periods of time and additional supplies will need to be ordered).  These vans are designed to be used on Type II or larger incidents, with only one van issued per incident.


The Southern California Cache Vans are built to national standards (NFES 2069).  Cache Vans are normally preloaded and can be on the road within two hours or so during normal business hours.  Units hosting pre-positioned cache vans must immediately contact the Southern California GACC when these resources have been committed to an incident.  It is preferred that the cache van is not delivered to the incident base until such time as the Logistics Section Chief and/or Supply Unit Leader is present to take responsibility and accountability for the supplies and property.  All cache vans issued from either pre-positioned assets or directly from the cache will be unloaded and the trailer returned to the servicing cache.  Any deviations from this policy must be approved by Cache Management.


The following units maintain Cache Support Vans:


            UNIT                                                              LOCATION

Los Padres National Forest (1)                         Los Prietos, California

Los Padres National Forest (1)                         King City, California

Cleveland National Forest (1)                                       Goose Valley, California

Inyo National Forest (1)                                               Bishop, California

Sequoia National Forest (1)                                          Kernville, California     

Sequoia National Forest (1)                                          Porterville, California

Sierra National Forest (1)                                             North Fork, California

Sierra National Forest (1)                                             Sonora, California

South Zone Fire Cache (3)                                           Ontario, California







Should you have any questions concerning this guideline, contact David A. Estes at (909) 930-3206 (email:, or any other member of Cache Management.






David A. Estes


Supply Management Officer

Fire & Aviation Management, R5