Southern California Interagency Support Cache






            To:                   Southern California Cache Customers

            From:               David A. Estes, Fire Cache Manager   

            Date:                1 April 2004

            Subject:            Cache Supply Delivery Guideline


In our continuing endeavor to provide quality customer service, it is crucial to know and understand expectations for service and the factors that affect it.  This guideline is being published to clarify expectations for accurate and secured delivery of cache supplies.


  1. The customer is expected to:
    1. Provide a reasonable required delivery date and time.
    2. Provide a correct, firm, secured delivery location.
    3. Provide personnel on-location to receive and unload the shipment.  Driver will not unload the shipment, with the exception of small lightweight packages.
    4. Validate the delivery box count.  By line inventory can be accomplished after release of the driver.
    5. Confirm the delivery by signing the shipping papers.  (One signed copy is returned to the Cache.)
    6. Immediately communicate to the Cache any change in plans or other factors affecting shipment and delivery.


  1. The Cache is expected to:
    1. Confirm the needed date and time with the customer, and renegotiate it if necessary due to negative time-critical factors.
    2. Utilize the most efficient, cost-effective transportation means available to meet expectations.
    3. Ship the order within two hours following receipt and confirmation of it, or as soon thereafter as conditions and priorities permit.
    4. Deliver to the designated recipient at a secured location.  Driver will not unload the shipment, with the exception of small lightweight packages.
    5. Deliver within 60 minutes of the estimated time of arrival as relayed to the customer from the Cache.
    6. Return the supplies to the Cache if neither the customer nor a designated representative takes delivery within two (2) hours of arrival.  (The customer will need to reschedule the delivery with the Cache for a later date and time.)
    7. Immediately communicate to the customer any change in plans or other factors affecting shipment and delivery.


These objectives are generally achievable, but there are factors which ultimately affect the success of meeting them.  The critical success factor remains to be effective, timely communication between the Cache and the customers when conditions change.  Some factors which affect shipment and delivery of Cache orders are:


a.       Size and complexity of order.

b.      Routing, distance and intervening road conditions between the Cache and delivery location.

c.       Availability of supplies, personnel, and transportation.

d.      Time and routing of original order.

e.       Regional and national priorities.

f.        Stability of delivery location and corresponding security conditions.

g.       Volume of requests added on to the original order, which could change time and method of delivery.

h.       Scheduled time slot for ordering.


Should you have any questions concerning this guideline, contact David A. Estes at (909) 930-3206 (email:, or any other member of Cache management.




David A. Estes


Supply Management Officer

Fire & Aviation Management, R5