Southern California Interagency Support Cache






            To:                   Southern California Cache Customers

            From:               David A. Estes, Fire Cache Manager   

            Date:                1 April 2004

            Subject:            Guidelines For Cache Returns:  Used or Damaged


In general, all items issued from an Interagency Support Cache must be returned, particularly accountable property, durable and unused consumable items.  There are exceptions, and these guidelines will define what they are and how they are to be handled.


  1. Primary Rule:  Documentation
    1. Federal law requires that all government property that is lost, destroyed, damaged or otherwise disposed must be documented.
    2. Documentation must possess the following information as a minimum.

                                                              i.      Incident Number

                                                            ii.      Incident or Project Name

                                                          iii.      Job or Accounting Code

                                                          iv.      Description of Item (including NFES number)

                                                            v.      Quantity

                                                          vi.      Correct Unit of Issue

                                                        vii.      Statement of cause or reason for loss, damage, destruction or disposal.

                                                      viii.      Name and signature of line officer or representative.

    1. The documentation must be returned to the servicing Cache in order to process records and produce accurate outstanding item reports.
    2. Several forms/formats are useful, provided the key information identified above is captured:

                                                              i.      OF-316: Interagency Incident Waybill (NFES 1472)

                                                            ii.      OF-289: Property Loss and Damage Report (NFES 1864)

                                                          iii.      AD-112: Report of Unserviceable, Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Destroyed Property.

                                                          iv.      General Message Form

  1. Accountable Property
    1. Generally an item with a high unit cost and/or having a property or tracking number.  If in doubt contact the Cache.
    2. In addition to documentation, return as much of the property as possible to enable accurate identification by Cache management.
  2. Consumable Property
    1. Generally a single use item, such as batteries, plastic canteens, MRE, so forth, with a relatively low cost.
    2. In determining whether an item is “used”, consider the “unit of issue”.  If it is an aggregate unit, such as “Package” (PG), “Box” (BX), “Roll” (RO), etc., the item is considered used if the unit is broken.  More specifically it is used if the innermost packaging is broken.
    3. For decision purposes, use your best judgment.  If item is obviously used or the innermost packaging is broken, do not return.
    4. For health and safety reasons, do not reseal and return items that have been inadvertently opened.
    5. Partially packaged, but still useful items, may be turned over to the administrative unit for the incident.  Per manual direction, it must be marked “For Fire Use Only”.  The cost will be reflected in the overall cost of the incident.
  3. Durable Property
    1. Items having the capability of being reused.
    2. Those destroyed or damaged beyond repair do not have to be returned if documentation is created and sent to the Cache.  If you are uncertain about ability to be repaired, return the item to the Cache.
    3. If an item has several components, some of which are damaged, return as much as possible and document the components that are damaged beyond repair.
    4. Hose

                                                              i.      If hose is partially damaged but appears to be repairable to within 90% of its original length, return it.

                                                            ii.      If hose is destroyed or more than 10% damaged, document and dispose.  Remove hose ends to preclude non-fire use, and recycle the couplings.

    1. Contaminated Material

                                                              i.      Separate and mark any materials contaminated with poison oak or other material that could cause allergic actions by handling.  Place material in a clear plastic garbage bag before returning to the Cache.

                                                            ii.      Do not return items containing blood or other mucous membrane contamination.  Process these as hazardous waste and dispose of per agency guidelines.  Provide documentation to the Cache.


Should you have any questions concerning these guidelines, contact David A. Estes, Supply Management Officer, at (909) 930-3206, or any member of Cache management.






Supply Management Officer

Fire & Aviation Management, R5