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Smoke Call Status: Weekdays @ 1300 hrs. PST, except holidays
Issued: 12:30 PM   Wednesday, November 27, 2019
*** Note - Due to the wet weather and Thanksgiving holiday this product may not be updated for several days ***                            Deep low pressure over CA will continue to produce deep vertical mixing through Friday. Transport winds will be moderate to locally strong from variable directions. Any smoke created will disperse easily, and occasional precipitation will add to that. More wet unsettled weather expected late Saturday through next week will continue the trend of active smoke dispersion.
Transport winds
Mixing Heights
(mph) (ft AGL)
Thursday Afternoon Thursday Afternoon
Thursday Night Thursday Night
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Transport winds
Mixing Heights
Friday Afternoon Friday Afternoon
Extended Outlook: Saturday - Monday
Deep low pressure will be over northern CA in one form or another from Saturday through Monday, leading to very active smoke dispersion conditions.
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This Product was developed by the Predictive Services group, located at the North Zone Coordination Center in Redding, California