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Issued: 12:30 PM   Friday, March 24, 2023
Weaker Troughing and Jet influences during the weekend. Transport wind flow will be more NW-N with stronger or more consistent flows on Sat compared to Sun. Mixing heights should be more than adequate to offset the different for many areas therefore ventilation is expected to be on the moderate to good side with higher ratings Sat compared to Sun. Showers will favor the north. 
Transport winds
Mixing Heights
(mph) (ft AGL)
Saturday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Night Saturday Night
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Transport winds
Mixing Heights
Sunday Afternoon Sunday Afternoon
Extended Outlook: Monday - Wednesday
Unusually strong Low Pressure system will impact the region during the earlier half of next week. The system passage will be a solid clean-out event therefore good to excellent ventilation with widespread precipitation. The transport wind flow will be more southerly and westerly Mon-Tue and likely turn more northerly on Wed. 
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