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Charter Members Reference Materials

Equipment Inspector's Workshop Completions:

2018 Missoula Equipment Inspector Workshop
2018 Butte Equipment Inspector Workshop
2018 Libby Equipment Inspector Workshop
Guide to Preventing AIS Transport by Wildland Fire Operations (PMS 444)

Anadromous Fish Strainers for Use in Wildland
Drafting Operations (USFS March 2003)

2009 Mechanized Equipment for Fire & Fuels "YELLOW BOOK"

Proposed NWCG Dozer Typing Standard

Equipment Inspections:
Pre-use inspections will use the OF-296 as the official form to check vehicle condition. The following forms will be used to check the required complement of Waterhandling equipment:
Inspection Forms
If a contractor provides a complement list that has more than the required items, please verify, sign and attach to the back side of the required complement list. (Some contractors may carry more equipment than is required.)

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