The primary objectives for these burns is to improve forage conditions for wildlife habitat, decrease fuel build-up reducing potential of high risk wildfires, and restore fire to the landscape to play a more historical and natural role in the environment.

Fire Name Contact Scheduled
Star Valley Ranch Fuels Reduction Project

LOCATION: Star Valley Ranch, WY

PROJECT SIZE: 196 acres

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Interagency Fire personnel burned 3,000 piles over 98 acres in the Fall of 2017 and the remaining piles on the final 2-acres in the Fall of 2018. project area map Contractors thinned and piled slash on an additional 96 -acres of National Forest System Land along the southern half of the town of Star Valley Ranch. Burning of those piles may be implemented in the spring, late April to mid-May and/or in the fall, late September to late October. news release and map

Greys River Ranger District at 307-886-5300

Spring/Fall 2020

Star Valley Front Vegetation Project

The Greys River Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest plans to implement a phase of the Star Valley Front Vegetation Project located east of Star Valley and consists of a 64,612 acre project area with 31,477 acres of proposed burn units extending from Strawberry Creek south to Cottonwood Creek, from the forest boundary to the top of the Salt River Range. for more information, The Strawberry Creek Unit is scheduled and could be implemented anytime between Sept. 1 - Oct. 31, weather permitting....Strawberry Creek Prescribed BurnProject Map, Unit Map, News Release

Greys River Ranger District 307-886-5300

Weather permitting, 2021

South Fortification Mountain

LOCATION: Pinedale Ranger District, on the south side of Fortification Mountain in the vicinity of Sweeney Creek and Kelly Park off Skyline Drive, approximately 10 miles north of Pinedale, WY.

PROJECT SIZE: 380 acres

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This burn is part of the Skyline Wildland Urban Interface Fuels Reduction Project

Pinedale District Office 307-367-4326

Spring 2021 - Late April or early May

Sjhoberg Creek

LOCATION: Cottonwood II Aspen Unit 12 on Sjhoberg Creek in the North Cottonwood Creek drainage is scheduled for October 2019 if conditions are favorable. Big Piney Ranger District, approximately 25 miles west of Daniel, WY

PROJECT SIZE: 155 acres

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 10/11/2019 News Release, Map

Nan Stinson 307-367-5748

Oct. 17, 2019


Debris was staged at the RKO pit while mechanical fuel reduction was completed along the length of the nearby Signal Mt Road over the past several years.  The majority of the material moved to the pit was sold in a firewood sale.  The remaining unusable material will be burned on site.

Completed November 2020.

Pole Creek

LOCATION:  Kemmerer Ranger District, Upper Pole Creek drainage


Kemmerer Ranger District 307-828-5100

Fall 2021

Pacific Creek Road

This project treated a stand of mixed conifer along the road leading through Grand Teton NP to the Pacific Creek (Braman) sub-division.  The timber stand had a large percentage of standing dead trees and accumulated dead heavy logs on the forest floor.  The project targeted the dead fuel accumulation as well as completing treatment of the remaining forest overstory to defensible space standards.

Fire crews constructed piles in recent years and burned some of those piles in the previous two winters.  Remaining piles will be targeted for the 2020-21 winter season.

Completed pile burning November-December 2020

Nugent Park

Located near Tunp Ridge, Kemmerer Ranger District

The purpose of this project is to improve existing aspen stands by prescribed burning a large area to stimulate aspen cover types. Also, will allow improvement over a large enough area to help minimize impacts from big game animals. 

Nugent RX Vicinity Map, Nugent RX Topo Map

Kemmerer Ranger District 307-828-5100

early May to mid July 2021

Mosquito North RX

LOCATION: Mosquito North RX is a compartment identified within the Teton to Snake Fuels Reduction project. This particular unit is located along the ridgeline of the north side of the Mosquito Creek road and adjacent to the Green Knoll fire footprint. Approximately 2 miles west of Fall Creek road.

PROJECT SIZE: Mosquito North RX - 600 acres

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The goal of the burn is to reduce hazardous fuels and allow fire to play its natural role on National Forest Systems land, specifically within the Palisades Wilderness Study Area. To conduct prescribed fire operations on the north side of the Mosquito drainage. Firefighters will use the snow load in the area to help contain the fire's spread on the ridgeline. After ignition's are complete fire crews will return to monitor the area until the treatment is complete.

Lesley Williams-Gomez 307-739-5424

Spring of 2021   


Grouse Mountain Whitebark Pine Restoration Project

LOCATION: Blackrock Ranger District on the northern aspect of Grouse Mountain.

white bark.jpg

Firefighters hold the firing line and watch for falling embers as burn operations help to "daylight" the forest floor within the Grouse Mountain RX Project unit. Daylighting the unit will help to provide an open area for new Whitebark Pine seedlings to take hold helping to restore this keystone species back into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Lesley Williams Gomez 307-739-5424

The first fire treatment for this project was applied in the fall of 2018. Over the next several years fire scientists will return to the project site and gather data to help develop and identify the best management practices for restoring White Bark Pine within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Re-entry into the area would be during the fall months when burning conditions in the vegetation will be more favorable for meeting the objectives scientists have identified in the project plan.

Elk Ranch Fence

Posts and rails accumulated from a fence removal project will be burned on-site east of Highway 89 south of the Moran Jct area in the vicinity of the Elk Ranch.

Completed November 2020.

Dry Quad

LOCATION:  Toppings Lake Area of the Blackrock Ranger District

SIZE:  Approximately 100 acres

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Flyer/map, News Release/map, Habitat Improvement Article


Lesley Williams-Gomez

End of May, early June

Bug Creek RX

180 acres total were claimed completed this Spring of 2021 for the Bug Creek RX. The continuation of 10-20 acres has been cancelled the week of April 3rd due to early green-up. The prescribed burn area is approximately thirty miles southeast of Alpine near the Greys River and Sheep Creek junction. The 418 acre unit is comprised of grass, sage, conifer and aspen stands. For further information.....News Release, Map

April 21st, 2021
                    April 21st, 2021
April 12th, 2021
                     April 12th, 2021


Greys River Ranger District 307-886-5300

April 2021

Basin Creek RX

LOCATION:  Basin Creek off the Green Knoll/Big Spring cutoff, Kemmerer Ranger District

Prescribed burning will be used to develop a diverse mix of vegetative composition and structure and increase a mosaic pattern on the landscape of different fuel types, fuel loadings, forested communities and stand age-classes to decrease the proportion of the landscape that would be affected by high intensity wildfires. The primary objective of this burn is to stimulate regeneration of aspen plant communities, reduce conifer encroachment, and reduce hazardous fuels within the Hams Fork Vegetation Project area.



Kemmerer Ranger District 307-828-5100

Weather permitting, early May to mid July, 2021