Update 10/07 All ignitions are completed for the season, fire staff remain in the area and available to patrol and provide fire information as needed. Smoke is still visible and will continue as the fire smolders and slowly creeps into available fuels within the unit.  Total acres accomplished this season include 265 of the 365 total unit. North zone fire staff would like to thank the hunters, visiting public, interagency firefighters and aviation staff for their support and great work towards meeting the project objectives and improvements on the ground this season. After the long 2021 fire season, the support in sustaining the zone fire treatment goals, the work completed is a great accomplishment towards enhanced habitat and lessons learned in fire science and restoration treatments.   Burn Area Photo

Location: Grouse Mountain on the Blackrock Ranger District approximately 7-miles south of US Highway 26/287. Fire specialists plan to continue lighting project objectives as they evaluate in coming weather and fire behavior within the unit on 10/5.  Fire managers will look towards the end of today (10/05) to start firing the upper third of the unit 11 boundary, as cooler air and potential moisture move in over the units perimeter.

Due to predicted incoming weather, this is likely the final treatment on this unit this season. The work completed this year will allow for further treatments next prescribed fire season in 2022. Monitoring the fire behavior effect’s and the response from vegetation in the area, will be an on-going process and opportunity for Whitebark scientists and the Teton interagency fire effects crew for years to come.   

This is a fantastic project with collaboration between multiple agencies, scientists, and resource specialists all striving to enhance white bark pine research, restore valuable wildlife habitat and protect the keystone species within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. To learn more about this project and prescribed fire as a tool for restoration click flyers and follow the attached links to learn more.  

Flyer  Project Map  Map   Wildfire as a tool for restoration   Fire Behavior 10/04   

Test Fire: A small fire ignited within the planned burn unit to determine the characteristic of the prescribed fire, such as fire behavior, detection performance and control measures.

This is a picture from the 10/04 test fire 

43.711667, -110.272778


Lesley Williams Gomez 307-739-5424


October 4th -7th, 2021