Phase 5 of a multi-year fuels reduction project along the Signal Mountain Road corridor has been completed.  Piles generated from this mechanical cut and thin project have been stacked on site and allowed to dry for a summer season.  When cold wet conditions allow, these piles will be burned under the park's Debris Pile Burn Plan.  Expect to see smoke around the Signal Mt area when piles are being burned, and expect some smoke to linger as piles fully consume the heavy logs and branches.  Piles are monitored until out.

This last phase completes the project designed to provide safer access/egress for the public and emergency responders on this busy dead-end road.  The Signal Mt summit is also the site of critical telecommunications infrastructure that would be at risk in the event of a wildfire.  This project created defensible space along the road corridor's entire 5 mile length as well as the infrastructure located at the summit.

43.84972, -110.5766


Fall 2019

Completed Oct/Nov 2019