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Twin Falls Airbase

The Twin Falls Airbase is located five miles south of the town of Twin Falls, and is located at the Magic Valley Regional Airport. This facility is home to the Twin Falls Helitack and Airtanker operations. Our airbase is fully operational from mid-June through mid-October. We have hosted numerous aviation assets for south central Idaho. These would include: Large airtankers, SEATS, air attack platforms, and numerous helicopters.

Twin Falls Airbase can support up to 8 helicopters from type 3 to type 1. We can also support up to 5 large airtankers and 6 SEATS. This is also a MAFFS approved airbase that can support the military’s aerial firefighting platforms.

Morning briefings are held at 0945 or earlier depending on operations. During these briefings topics covered are: weather, safety, and critique the previous operational period. When possible well will review aerial photos of the previous days fire activity. This allows the group to offer feedback concerning the fire activity in a group setting and provides a great learning tool for the entire aviation group.

Twin Falls Airbase is a full service retardant base. We use LC-95A liquid concentrate retardant provided by Phos-Chek. In addition to our fixed retardant plant, we operate a portable unit that can be moved to other areas of operation. We can operate a satellite bases in Hailey, Gooding, Jackpot, NV and at times Arco. These bases may allow us to expedite retardant delivery as needed in times of emergency.

Two loading areas allow for aircraft to be parked in the “Pits” and receive retardant. Loading can take up 6 minutes to load large airtankers and SEATS (single engine airtankers) around 3 minutes to load. This makes for an exciting fast paced, mimg multitasking environment. All operations are managed with safety as a prioriy. Twin Falls Airbase has been the national host base for the Canadian airtankers for the past 3 years. We have also hosted CL-215’s for scooper operations as well.

Application and Hiring Information

Each year we expect to fill a limited number of positions. If you are interested in working for us this next fire season, please call or email us. It’s helpful to us to hear from you.

Seasonal Fire Jobs (to apply, click on desired position)

Forestry Technician (Fire) Helitack Crew member, GS-0462-04/05

Forestry Technician (Fire) Helitack- Lead, GS-0462-06

Ramp Manager, GS-0455-05/06

Seat Manager, GS-0462-07