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Mitigation and Prevention

blm engine with school childrenMitigation and Education is the facet of the BLM Twin Falls District Fire and Aviation Program that serves as an arm of outreach to Magic Valley communities. Prevention, Training, Public Affairs, and Rural Fire Department cooperation all fall under this program.

Seasonal prevention employees participate in parades, community events, school presentations and essentially any activity where requested and often bringing Smokey Bear along. BLM fire equipment, firefighters and prevention specialists are an expected part of every small town parade throughout each summer. They also contact south central Idaho citizens at events held from one end of the Twin Falls District to the other. smokey the bear with a student 

Rural Fire Departments respond to nearly all wildfires in the Twin Falls District. They are a valuable initial attack resource thanks to the partnerships, training and grant programs made possible through the BLM. Mitigation Specialists spend a significant amount of time each season contacting Rural Fire Departments and making sure they are outfitted to continue to help the BLM in suppressing area wildfires.

Through the day-to-day work of the folks that are part of the Mitigation and Education Program, the BLM Twin Falls District is a positive and respected entity in the Magic Valley area.