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BLM Engines

A Diverse Program

blm engine by fire

The Twin Falls District BLM Fire Management Program consists of one of the largest and most diverse initial attack engine programs in the country. Equipment on this district includes:

  • 16 Type 4 Heavy Wildland Fire Engines
  • Three Osh Kosh Super Heavy Engines
  • One Tatra Super Heavy Engine
  • Three Type 6 Wildland Fire Engines
  • Three Fire Dozers
  • Three Water Tenders
  • Large Fire Load

    We average 150 BLM initial attack fires per season and 150,000 BLM acres burned per season. Our fires are exciting, fast moving, and require fire fighters that are skilled, knowledgeable and can think fast on their feet. We also assist on many private, state, and other federal jurisdictional fires in various fuel types. firefight with fire in distance We strongly promote off district assignments both during the fire season and in the off season. These assignments can be for whole crews or single resources. In recent years, our firefighters have traveled to California, Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Oklahoma and Florida.


    Twin Falls District Fire Management Program includes a very aggressive training program. We provide the required training to meet National Wildland Fire Fighting Standards. Additionally, we are committed to providing a wide variety of S, L and I courses to our employees.

    Government Provided Housing

    There are four guard stations strategically placed throughout the district- Bellevue, Carey, Kimama, and Rogerson. Housing is offered to employees for a very reasonable fee each pay period at one of these locations. crew and engines by fire

    Off-Season Work

    During the off season, the opportunity is typically available for career seasonal employees to work for a number of pay periods on fire rehabilitation and emergency stabilization projects, as well as a variety of mechanical and prescribed fire fuels projects.

    --- Great Chance for Upward Mobility---
  • Suppression Program Career Ladder
  • GS-11/12 AFMO (PFT)
    GS-8/9 FOS (PFT)
    GS-7/8 Assistant FOS (Career Seasonal)
    GS-6/7 Fire Engine Captains (Career Seasonal)
    GS-5/6 Fire Engine Operators (Career Seasonal)
    GS-4/5 Senior Firefighters (Career Seasonal)
    GS-3/4/5 Firefighters (Temporary)