POV Costs vs. Rental Vehicle Costs

NOTE: Use this form if a resource has been permitted to use a POV and would like to do so. A cost comparison must be done to show that a POV is more cost advantageous to the government than renting a vehicle commercially. However, the resource is not required to use a POV simply because it is less expensive.

Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV)

Total Estimated Miles to be Driven
Mileage Rate (effective 1/1/2024)
(a) Select 0.21 if GOV is available and resource chooses to use POV
(b) Select 0.67 if NO GOV is Available
Rate: ¢ per mile
Total Cost for POV
(Total Estimated Miles * Mileage Rate)

Rental Vehicle

Total Estimated RENTAL Miles to be Driven
Estimated miles-per-gallon (MPG)
(Estimate MPG for vehicle size to be rented)
Rental MPG
Estimated cost-per-gallon (CPG)
(Estimate CPG of fuel near duty location)
Fuel Costs for Rental Vehicle
(miles / MPG) * CPG
Total Estimated Rental Days
Average Rental Daily Rate
Total Rental Cost
(#days * daily-rate) + (fuel cost)
Airline Cost
Airline costs are entered when travel involves airfare and renting a vehicle.
Overall Trip Cost
Total Rental Cost + Airline Cost

Final Cost Comparison

Final Cost Difference
NOTE: Positive value favors POV ... Negative value favors RENTAL

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