POV Costs vs. Rental Vehicle Costs

NOTE: Use this form if a resource has been permitted to use a POV and would like to do so. A cost comparison must be done to show that a POV is more cost advantageous to the government than renting a vehicle commercially. However, the resource is not required to use a POV simply because it is less expensive.

Privately-Owned Vehicle (POV)

Total Estimated Miles to be Driven
Mileage Rate
(a) Select 0.19 if GOV is available and resource chooses to use POV
(b) Select 0.54 if NO GOV is Available
Rate: ¢ per mile
Total Cost for POV
(Total Estimated Miles * Mileage Rate)

Rental Vehicle

Total Estimated RENTAL Miles to be Driven
Estimated miles-per-gallon (MPG)
(Estimate MPG for vehicle size to be rented)
Rental MPG
Estimated cost-per-gallon (CPG)
(Estimate CPG of fuel near duty location)
Fuel Costs for Rental Vehicle
(miles / MPG) * CPG
Total Estimated Rental Days
Average Rental Daily Rate
Total Rental Cost
(#days * daily-rate) + (fuel cost)
Airline Cost
Airline costs are entered when travel involves airfare and renting a vehicle.
Overall Trip Cost
Total Rental Cost + Airline Cost

Final Cost Comparison

Final Cost Difference
NOTE: Positive value favors POV ... Negative value favors RENTAL

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