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SWCC News&Notes is provided as a courtesy to the wildland fire community with the intent of providing information and intelligence on new and emerging incidents in the Southwest Area affecting the resources provided through SWCC.  Please note, if a new (or ongoing) incident does not require assistance via SWCC, it may not be reported on this page.  SWCC News & Notes can also be followed via our Twitter page.
FS/PC=Full Suppression/Perimeter Control; MCC=Monitor/Confine/Contain; A or AC=Acres; C=Contained; PC=Percent Contained; ECD=Est. Containment Date; GP=Growth Potential; TP=Total Personnel; IMT=Incident Management Team; AT or A/T=Air Tanker; AA=Air Attack; SEAT=Single Engine Air Tanker; LD or LP=Lead Plane; T1H=Type 1 Helicopter; IHC=Interagency Hotshot Crew; T1C=Type 1 Crew; T2C=Type 2 Crew; T2IAC=Type2 IA Crew; DTN=Date/ Time / Needed; FW=Fire Weather 
* = This is the date and time an entry is made in SWCC News & Notes.
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DAT6/30E 6* 1409 NEWS OR NOTES
2/09 1100 Amigo Wash (AZ-A3S) 1,400 ac. 25% cont., loc 2 N of Arivaca, AZ (31.6083x-111.3238). 3 Crews, 1 T3 Helo ord local. . Started 2/08.
2/02 1610 Powerline (TX-BBP) 500+ ac. 1 mi SSE of Panther Junction (29.3147x103.2036). 1 T2 Crew, 1 T3 Helo (Std) ordered.
01/01 0800 SWCC News&Notes will be updated as soon as SWCC is involved in new incidents, and / or where regional and national resources are involved in the Southwest Area.
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