Energy Release Component (ERC) Charts
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[Graphic] - SWA Weather Station ERC & BI Location Map 20116-Union Pass 20207-Tusayan 20209-Flagstaff 20211 - Bright Angel 20212-Dry Park 20213-Frasier Wells 20301-Heber 20303-Lakeside 20401-Alpine 20402-Piney Hill 20501-Iron Springs 20509-Stanton 20601-Globe 20603-Pleasant Valley 21005-Columbine 21007-Mule Shoe 21202-Saguaro 21207-Rincon 45801 - Squaw Lake 290101-Washington Pass 290102-Albino Canyon 290207-Dulce 290210-Truchas 290702-Jemez 291801-Tower 291202-Pecos 291302-Grants 291501-Mountainair 292001-Beaverhead 292008-Slaughter Mesa 292009-Pelona 292103-Bosque 292203-Smokey Bear 292702-Hatchett 292903-Dripping Springs 293002-Mayhill 293003-Mescal 293101-Batdraw 293104-Caprock 417103-The Bowl 417401-Panther Junction 418701-Cedar

** Charts are created using Fuel Model G (Short Needle / Heavy Dead) as the representative model and posted Tuesday and Friday March 1 - October 31, and Friday's only November 1 - February 28/29. 

AZ Union Pass 20116 G PHD
AZ Tusayan 20207 G KNF
AZ Flagstaff 20209 G COF
AZ Bright Angel 20211 G GCP
AZ Drypark 20212 G KNF
AZ Frazier Well 20213 G TCA
AZ Heber 20301 G ASF
AZ Lakeside 20303 G ASF
AZ Alpine 20401 G ASF
AZ Piney Hill 20402 G NAA
AZ Iron Springs 20501 G PNF
AZ Stanton 20509 G PHD
AZ Globe 20601 G TNF
AZ Columbine 21005 G CNF
AZ Mule Shoe 21007 G SAD
AZ Saguaro 21202 G CNF
AZ Rincon 21207 G SAP
CA Squaw Lake 45801 G IMR
NM Washington Pass 290101 G NAA
NM Albino Canyon 290102 G FAD
NM Dulce 290207 G JIA
NM Truchas 290210 G CAF
NM Jemez 290702 G SNF
NM Tower 290801 G BAP
NM Pecos 291202 G SNF
NM Grants 291302 G CIF
NM Mountainair 291501 G CIF
NM Beaverhead 292001 G GNF
NM Slaughter Mesa 292008 G GNF
NM Pelona 292009 G SCD
NM Bosque 292103 G BDR
NM Smokey Bear 292203 G LNF
NM Hatchett 292702 G LCD
NM Dripping Springs 292903 G LCD
NM Mayhill 293002 G LNF
NM Mescal 293003 G MEA
NM Batdraw 293101 G CCP
NM Caprock 293104 G ROD
TX The Bowl 417103 G GUP
TX Panther Junction 417401 G BBP
TX Cedar 418701 G LAP