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Each year, land management agencies of the U. S. Federal Government hire permanent and seasonal firefighters. Permanent positions in wildland firefighting are generally filled by career personnel within the agency.  These individuals have an extensive background in natural resource management and in fire management.   Seasonal positions are generally filled by non-career individuals who have the physical and mental ability capable of working in potentially hazardous conditions. Unfortunately, there is no one location in which that handles employment for all of the agencies that plan to hire seasonal firefighters. Each agency, or more specifically, each Forest, Park, Refuge, etc, does their own seasonal hiring. If you are interested in finding employment as a wildland firefighter, it is best that you contact the Forest, Park, Refuge, etc for the location in which you would like to work. They will know of what positions are available, when they will become available, and/or whether new hires will be made for a particular season. For information on employment as a state wildland firefighter, contact the State Employment Office or State Forestry Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not send requests or inquiries about employment to the webmaster of this site. 

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