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Rocky Mountain Area MAC Group Information

The Rocky Mountain Area Multi-Agency Coordinating (MAC) Group convenes whenever the Prepardness Level reaches 4 or 5 within the Rocky Mountain Area. This group is made up of one or more members from each Federal land management agency and from each State represented within the Rocky Mountain Area. The objective of a MAC group is to set priorities on incidents in the Rocky Mountain Area.

2013 RMA MAC Plan

Appendix G - Priority Decision Matrix

Safety Assistance Teams Purpose and Function


2013 Incoming Team Briefing Packet

Inbriefing Agenda
RMA 2013 Firefighter & Leader Expectations
RMA 2013 Incident Commander Expectations
Southern & Southeastern Colorado Fuels & Fire Behavior Advisory
Colorado Western Slope Fuels & Fire Behavior Advisory
RMCG IA Strategy Guidance for LMACs
RMA MAC High Density Altitude Aviation Operations
Sage Grouse Habitat Management Talking Points
Oil & Gas Talking Points
Acute Mountain Sickness
2013 Daily IC Call Template [DOC] [PDF]
ICS-209 Tips from MAC


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