Fire Danger Low

The Bridger-Teton National Forest and Grand Teton National Park have begun burning of slash piles in several locations. For more information read;

Fire Hire outreach begins September 30, 2016. Timeline is early and there is a quick deadline. Application announcements will activate Nov. 1 in USAjobs with a Nov. 15 deadline.

Communities working together in fire safey and fire adaptation

Everyone has a role to play in creating fire adapted communities. This includes homeowners, land managers, firefighters, business owners and community leaders. Collaboration and relationships are key to improving fire safety. Do you know your role? Learn more about your responsibility in becoming a fire adapted community member.

Local Interest-The Green Knoll Fire was a human caused wildfire which started just west of Jackson Wyoming in 2001. Teton County Fire/EMS prepared the following video to help homeowners understand the steps they can take to protect their home's before the next fire. A Homeowners' Guide to Wildland Fire Protection.

Report Wildfires: 307-739-3630

Know Before You Go!
Please use caution when using fires in the backcountry
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