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photo of Chad Hayward in front of Forest Service shieldThe Bridger-Teton National Forest is proud to announce that Chad Hayward, Rangeland Management Specialist for the Big Piney Ranger District, has been presented with the Regional Foresters Award in the category of “Meeting America’s Needs” for his work with grazing permittees after the Fontenelle Fire. Good work Chad! For more information read the full narrative.

“All Hands, All Lands”
“The vision of the Cohesive Strategy is too safely
and effectively extinguish fire; use fire where
allowable; manage our natural resources; and,
as a Nation, live with wildland fire.”

On October 13-14, 2016, over 100 stakeholders in Wyoming
and South Dakota gathered in Casper, Wyoming to share
expertise and case studies of collaborative efforts across the
two states that are resulting in meaningful progress towards
the three Cohesive Strategy goals:

  • Restore Resilient Landscapes,
  • Create Fire Adapted Communities, and
  • Improve Wildland Fire Response

Stakeholders ranging from state and regional agency leadership
to line officers and local government participated in lively,
interactive presentations and worked together in breakout
sessions to develop recommendations for each state to
increase the pace and scale of Cohesive Strategy
implementation there.

The following Workshop Report was developed for recommendations to

advance Cohesive Strategy implementation for local, state, tribal and federal

consideration, in South Dakota and Wyoming.

Report Wildfires: 307-739-3630

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