Updated 02/28/2013 Master Roster
Adell Type 2 Team Roster 2013
Position  Name Home Unit Year Selected AD
*Incident Commander Marty Adell ID-JFCD 2011  
*Safety Officer  John Haugh ID-SCF 2011  
Medical Unit Leader Polly Johnson UT 2013  
*Public Information Officer (shared) Barb Bassler ID-TFD 2011 AD
Julie Thomas ID-TFD 2013  
*Operations Section Chief  Rich Zimmerlee ID-BNF 2012  
*Operations Section Chief  Dave Koch ID-FCD 2011  
*Operations Section Chief  Rich Stiles ID-PAF 2013  
Division Supervisors  Chris Glode NV-LVD 2013  
Division Supervisors Greg Jackson NV-SFDX 2011  
Division Supervisors (shared) Joe Rogan ID-BOD  2013  
Dan Betts ID-BOD 2013  
Division Supervisors  Geoffrey Wallin UT 2013  
*Air Ops Branch Director Westley Shook  UT-MOD (AD) 2011 AD
Air Support Group Supervisor Vacant      
Air Tactical Group Supervisor Kurt Atkins ID-FCD 2013  
Helibase Manager Type 2  Craig Utter ID-PAF 2013  
Chris Brown      
*Planning Section Chief Craig Pettigrew UT- NWS 2011  
Resource Unit Leader Nancy Masters ID-BOD 2012 AD
Resource Unit Leader Judith Zuchert ID-BOD 2013 AD
Situation Unit Leader Jake Lightfoot NV-RNOX 2011  
Fire Behavior Analyst Ken Loda NV-WID 2011  
Computer Technical Specialist Heraclio Jaquez ID-FCD 2011  
Status Check In Recorder Mundy, Chandler UT-UWF 2011    
GIS Specialist (shared) Cameron Tongier ID-FCD 2012    
Joe Kafka ID-FCD 2012  
Training Specialist Linda Guy NV-HTF 2011  
*Logistics Section Chief Eddie Lopez UT-ZIP (AD) 2011 AD    
Supply Unit Leader Vacant      
Facilities Unit Leader John Menghini NV-RNOX 2012  
Ground Support Unit Leader Gordon Bell UT-RID 2011  
Communications Unit Leader Brandon Diemer ID-FCD 2013  
Incident Communications Tech. Gary Gieser ID-FCD 2012  
Food Unit Leader Vacant      
Ordering Manager Diane Cote UT-MLF 2011  
Receiving/Distribution Manager Rich O'Quinn ID-IDL 2011  
Equipment Manager Terry Heath   2012  
Base Camp Manager Kyle Moore ID- 2013  
Security Manager Vacant      
*Finance Section Chief Jane Martinez UT-NWS 2011  
Time Unit Leader Vacant      
Comp/Claims Unit Leader Vacant      
Procurement Unit Leader Vacant      
Cost Unit Leader Connie Lang ID-BOD  2011 AD
Personnel Time Recorder Becky Curry AZ-ASD 2011  
Equipment Time Recorder Vacant      
420/520 Mentees (6)  
Incident Commander Tony Demasters ID-BND 2013  
Operation Sect. Chief Christian Ramirez ID-PAF 2012    
Fiance Sect. Chief Colleen Goff UT- 2011  
Safety Officer  Clair Jolley UT-CCD 2011  
Operation Sect. Chief Sam Hicks NV-TFD 2012  
Logistic Sect. Chief Mary Angelo ID-BOD 2012 AD
Trainees **  
Division Supervisor (shared) Joe Wyatt ID-FCD 2013    
Dax Permenter ID-FCD 2013  
Barry Burt NV-BMD 2013  
Rob Frisk NV-EKD 2012  
Matt Ginder ID-SHD 2013  
Public Information Officer LaDawn Saxton ID-PAF 2011    
Reso. Unit Leader Patricia Callaghan ID-SCF 2012  
Air Tactical Group Supervisor Chris Niccoli ID-PAF 2013    
Cost Unit Leader Robyn Fitzgerald UT-WCF 2011  
Additional Trainees          
Situation Unit Leader  Robert Benoit ID-FCD 2013  
Ordering Manager Kathy Rubin NV-NWS 2011  
Base Camp Manager  Steve Stroud ID-FCD 2011  
Food Unit Leader  Heather McLean UT - 2013  
Medical Unit Leader  Elizabeth Watson WY- 2013  
Claim Specialist Linda Woolever NV-EKD 2013  
* Short Team
National Long Team (27)
Negotiated (17)
420/520 Mentees (6)
Trainees (6)
Additional Trainees (6)
** The Incident Commander is responsible for negotiating orders for more than 
   six trainees outside the Great Basin.